Happy New Year – Some stats from Twitter + New Years Eve

Hello all and Happy New Year!

I snagged 412,700 tweets from Twitter from about 16 hours that went from 2300 UTC December 31 to 1500 UTC Jan 1.   This was 5% of the total tweets that went out with the phrase "new year".

Without further ado... The top 50 hashtags were as follows:

Happy New Year Hashtags

Nothing terribly surprising, but I had to check to see what some of these were:

  • #UnionJTo775K is Union-J-World, um looks to be a band of some sort who are driving to get to 775k followers with promises of following people back.
  • #VicmasDay10 is Victoria Justice (er... some celebrity?) who is making people jump through hoops and she will follow them if they simper and beg appropriately well.
  • #ICONPOPQuiz is a trivia game
  • #GetGlue is some sort of media app
It's perhaps a tiny bit sad that #GetGlue! beat out #love.   (However, if you include all mentions of "love" in hashtags, then "love" does conquer all.  Well, at least all things commercial.
Now for themes:

Themes from Happy New Year dataset

  • It warms my heart to see that "happy new year babe" beat out "happy new year bitches".  Not by much, but it did.  
  • "Good things" is slightly more popular than "beautiful people".  Speaking as someone that has more stuff than looks, I approve.
  • We see east coast, but not west coast (that's probably because of the time range of which I got content.  I was in a hurry and it was New Years Eve, what can I say?)
  • So - things like "year yaa", "year juga", and year "kak" come from people mixing other languages with English.  ("Juga" seems to be coming from folks in Indonesia.)
  • And, in terms of what group of people were being wished?  boys<friends<man<hun<girls<mate<folks<tweeps<bitches<babe<people<bro<baby<everybody<guys<everyone
Now you know.

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