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Visualizing Text Data at the 2015 Smart Data Conference

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I’ve got some pretty strong opinions about world clouds, and this year’s Smart Data Conference seems like a good place to express them.
That’s what I’ll be doing tomorrow from 3:00PM to 3:45PM, during my talk – Visualizing Text!
During my talk I’ll explain exactly why you should steer clear of word clouds (and start falling in love with bubble charts!).

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GfK’s John Carroll commented recently on the burgeoning popularity of data science, a now nebulous term bandied about freely.

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Guest Post: Can Sentiment Analysis Predict the Stock Market?

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Building up on the concept of the “Wisdom of Crowds”, the usage of social media data for stock market prediction is not a new idea. However, the ongoing improvement of sentiment analysis tools opens up new possibilities for the deeper utilization of such data. We, a team of students at the Ludwig Maximilian University of […]

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Parsing Syntax Accurately: Jeff Caitlin at SAS 2015

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Lexalytics is proud to have sponsored the Sentiment Analysis Symposium in New York earlier this month. SAS featured both speakers and workshops aimed at keeping up with sentiment analysis technology and discovering the business value in opinions, emotions, and attitudes. Speakers included representatives from Verizon, Instagram, Bottlenose, as well as our very own CEO, Jeff Caitlin, who spoke on the importance of accurately parsing syntax.

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We’ll Be at the Smart Data Conference!

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Text analytics visualization is a key part to understanding data. Unfortunately, we all too often rely on the really rather terrible “word cloud.” In this article I’ll be introducing you to more effective ways of parsing meaning from this data and giving you an awesome coupon code for this year’s Smart Data Conference!

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Should You Build or Buy Text Mining Software? Depends.

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Should you DIY? A while back, I decided to build my own computer. It was a fun, but ultimately time consuming, experience. I had to research online, go shopping for parts, and then figure out how to put them together. Am I writing from that computer right now? No. I’m on my store-bought Macbook – […]

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Social Listening Will Be Crucial for Marketing to Millennials

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We love Sprinklr’s new blog post “Marketing to Millennials: 6 Studies & Reports You Need to Read”. The studies that Sprinklr has pulled together contain a wealth of raw data on the habits and desires of the most digitally connected generation to date. For instance, millennials: spend 67 hours a week using media touch their […]

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The State of the Art

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Is sentiment analysis a stagnant science? What is there to look forward to? Why should you brave an ocean of data analysts and come to this year’s Sentiment Analysis Symposium? All of this and more shall be answered in this discussion of Doug Henschen’s awesome blog post.

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How Twitter Feels About Marriage Equality

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We crunched the numbers and ran an interesting Twitter analysis to celebrate the recent Supreme Court decision on marriage equality!

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Retail and Data

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The future of retail is in tailoring to a consumer’s individual taste and increasing the convenience of the shopping experience can be helped by using a sentiment analysis engine like Salience.