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Polish Language Support Now Available

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Lexalytics now supports 21 international languages, including French, German, and Mandarin. We now cover approximately 64 percent of the world’s population, or 4.9 billion people. With the addition of Polish alone, we’re able to provide actionable insight based on the conversations of 39 million Polish speakers worldwide.

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Trendkite on Chipotle Crisis Management

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In the wake of store closure due to an E. coli outbreak, Chipotle is dropping the ball on crisis management by not monitoring and targeting press that influence the conversations surrounding the outbreak crisis. That’s what Lexalytics partner, Trendkite, writes in their blog post, Coverage Chipotle Should Be Monitoring to Manage E. Coli Crisis. More […]

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Our Hospitality and Restaurant Industry Packs are Here to Work for You

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Language is Context Specific We see this all the time with industry lingo and jargon, the words and phrases we’re accustomed to bandying about in our respective professional fields may sound like a completely different language to an outsider. So it’s only natural that applying text and sentiment analysis to specific industries is going to […]

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Free Social Media Marketing Courses Through Coursera

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Online Education With all of the amazing technological advances so ubiquitous around us, it’s easy to forget to marvel, every so often, that anyone with the internet has essentially the entirety of human knowledge at their fingertips. Any answer is seconds away, as long as you know the right questions to ask. That’s partly why […]

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Who Won the Democratic Debate?

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Social media has forever changed political debates. With candidates live tweeting or voters asking pressing questions in real time, the debates are taking on an exciting and dynamic new approach. And, what is more, we can now instantaneously ascertain widespread public opinion by analyzing all of Twitter. In this way, sentiment analysis can compliment polls by providing a new and accurate lens into the outcome of a debate. With Democratic Debate headlines still hot on the press, we turn our tech to Twitter with our partners at Brandwatch for a compelling Wall Street Journal analysis of who won on October 13th.

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Innovation in the Backyard―Big Data, Amherst and MassMutual

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Technology has always driven business, which is why I like this great profile of our friends at the MassMutual Data Science unit on MassLive.com. It shows how a finance company embraces big thinkers and Big Data to better reach potential customers. The MassMutual Financial Group just opened a new laboratory workspace in Amherst, not too far from […]

Detect trends before they happen

eDigitalResearch is Changing Social Listening

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Trending continues to govern the stream of news, culture and marketing we consume. To keep up, marketers need to just about read the future in order to act fast enough to leverage unexpected trends. And, with a new tool developed by eDigitalResearch and Lexalytics, you just about can.

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Salience 6 Powers Latest KnowledgeREADER Version

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Lexalytics partner, Angoss, recently announced the release of it’s version 9.5 program, including enhancements to Angoss’ text analysis product, KnowledgeREADER, powered by Salience.

Gartner 2015 Magic Quadrant

Partner Coveo Again Named Most Visionary Leader

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We are excited to share that Gartner has named Lexalytics partner, Coveo, a Leader it its 2015 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Search for the second year running.

Bernie Sanders Twitter Mentions 9% negative and 9% positive

The Race for President of the Twittersphere

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Lexalytics, working at the request of The Boston Globe, measured the sentiment behind tweets from self-identified voters in New Hampshire over the past month. Using Salience, we were able to determine which candidates were being talked about the most and what people think of them. What we discovered was interesting.