How Text Mining Could Hurt Your Business

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With constant content generation comes the necessity for automated analysis systems. This is especially true in the high frequency trading (HFT) of stock. In this week’s VentureBeat, Lexalytics CEO Jeff Catlin explores the potential pitfalls of utilizing AI for speed instead of accuracy in stock market transactions. What happens when this AI is presented with […]

Lexalytics Helps Understand Customer Intention

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  Twitter is a repository of potential customer interactions. Often times these interactions stop at routine customer experience. However, by using natural language processing, like that present in Salience, the potential for more actionable interactions increases. Such technology allows companies to determine what a customer—or an entire customer base—is likely to do, whether its buy, […]

What America Cares About

evolve24 Knows What Americans Care About

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For years we’ve helped evolve24 provide businesses with the big data analytics they care about. But, big data has a place outside of the business world, also. Evolve24 gets this; it’s why they publish their “What America Cares About” reports. In them, they use Salience to find out what the American public has been discussing and how they feel about it.

The Pulse Digital South Africa

IAB Keeps Fingers on the Pulse of Digital South Africa

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When you work with data as much as we do, you come to truly appreciate the art of data visualization. That’s why we here at Lexalytics are so pleased to be contributing the Semantria API’s sentiment analysis power to the Pulse.

Tax Day Feature Image

Tax Day: How the Conversation Has Evolved

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Only two things are inevitable – death and taxes. As we surface from our most recent tax season here in the U.S., we here at Lexalytics were curious to see whether the conversation around taxes remained as consistent as the thing itself. So we analyzed the sentiment and themes of around 175k tweets from April 15, 2014 and another 175k from April 15 of this year. Here’s what we found:

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Lexalytics Now Supports Arabic, Russian and Dutch

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This latest multi-lingual support addition covers the languages of 673 million people worldwide. With it, Lexalytics can now perform native language processing for sentiment analysis for 58% of the world’s population.


Bottlenose Proves Game of Thrones Fans Love to Be Frustrated

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How do you keep Game of Thrones fans interested in the upcoming season? According to this Bottlenose blog post, by deliberately withholding what they really want.

Join Lexalytics at Text By the Bay

Come Join Us at Text By the Bay!

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We’re excited to be sponsoring Text By the Bay, a brand new conference for NLP academics and practitioners in San Francisco, CA.

Lexalytics Easter Blog

Easter Candy

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Despite it’s old world origins, Easter quickly spun out of control into a festival of dizzying amounts of Easter candy. Which of these sugary idols is most celebrated?

Lexalytics now supports Dutch text and sentiment analysis

Dutch Native Language Support Available

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We’re pleased to announce the release of our latest native language pack. Interested in Dutch text and sentiment analysis? Contact us!