The Race for President of the Twittersphere

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It’s that time again, when select men and women in the United States of America spend all their time and ungodly sums of money in pursuit of the highest office in the land: the Presidency. This cycle, the field is as varied and crowded as we’ve ever seen it. The go-to method of judging how […]

Salience 61 blog

Salience 6.1 is Better than Ever

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Salience 6.1 is now better than ever. Check out this quick blog post to see a run down of some of the awesome new enhancements and bug fixes. This is one of our biggest updates recently, with seven new languages, five bug fixes, a faster startup speed and increased efficiency.

keyboard with Scandinavian alphabet

Text Analytics in Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish is now available!

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We’ve just added three of the Nordic languages to our roster: Danish, Norwegian and Swedish. This means we now support 19 international languages, which brings our total coverage to over 63 percent of all of the native speakers in the world.

hotel blog

How Hotels are Creating Real Relationships with Customers

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Our CEO and co-founder Jeff Catlin talks about how sentiment analysis can help hotels and other guest-based services improve their customer experience.

RBS Blog Graphic

How the Minnesota Vikings Scared the Royal Bank of Scotland

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Listening to and understanding the cascade of content on Twitter in real time and with total accuracy will continue to be challenging as we diffuse our data through more and more streams. Understanding the occasional, and often humorous, mixups that this onslaught leads to in social media analysis can help shed light on what to do when your brand is going through a PR crisis. In this example we look at the Royal Bank of Scotland and the Minnesota Vikings.

ICTIR 2015

Lexalytics Sponsoring ICTIR 2015!

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Lexalytics is proud to be sponsoring ICTIR 2015! The International Conference on the Theory of Information Retreival begins this month, on September 27, in Northampton, Massachusetts. The ICTIR provides a forum for the presentation and discussion of research related to the foundational aspects of information retrieval. Full length papers will be presented throughout the conference […]

data analyst blog

How AI and Bottlenose are Changing Data Analytics Forever

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We’re quickly approaching a world in which human data analysts simply are unable to keep up. The solution? Automated analysts. Here’s how our partner Bottlenose are changing the data game.

Semantic Technology: Not HAL 9000

Harnessing Semantic Technology

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Semantic technology has arrived. That’s what Jason Bloomburg writes in his article on Forbes, ‘Semantic Technology: Building the HAL 9000 Computer?’. While, as Bloomburg points out, we’re not building HAL quite yet, we are moving in the right direction with a “fascinating combination of innovations” in semantic technology.

best ways to visualize text

Visualizing Text Data at the 2015 Smart Data Conference

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I’ve got some pretty strong opinions about word clouds, and this year’s Smart Data Conference seems like a good place to express them.
That’s what I’ll be doing tomorrow from 3:00PM to 3:45PM, during my talk – Visualizing Text!
During my talk I’ll explain exactly why you should steer clear of word clouds (and start falling in love with bubble charts!).

data science popular blog

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GfK’s John Carroll commented recently on the burgeoning popularity of data science, a now nebulous term bandied about freely.