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The Cost of Not Prioritizing Customer Experience

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Sprinklr blog manager Chloe Mason Gray created an interesting infographic detailing the perils of not prioritizing customer experience. 80% of businesses think they provide excellent customer service, but only 8% of customers feel as if they’re receiving it. As Gray says, “there’s a serious disconnect in the world of business today.” What is more, only 1% […]


How Analyzing Social Media Can Improve Healthcare

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Social media monitoring is crucial for brand health, but an increasing number of studies are proving that SSM may provide new tools for improving population health as well. Here are three examples of science using social media to improve healthcare:

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Trendkite Says: Media Monitoring? For Best Results Use NLP

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As a PR analytics solution and Lexalytics partner, Trendkite knows how crucial accurate media monitoring is for your brand.

That’s why Trendkite founder Matt Alison explains that the key ingredient to more accurate media monitoring: Natural Language Processing.


evolve24 hosting webinar on May 20th about discussion trends in personal finance.

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“With millions of conversations taking place across the Internet… perhaps you’re wondering what people are talking about and caring about most — right now when it comes to personal finance.” –evolve24 in talking about their forthcoming webinar


Guest Post – CEO: Save Millions & Retain Market Share with Social Monitoring Systems

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Sentiment becomes a potent tool when there is a significant shift in sentiment about your company. In my experience, these shifts are initially unseen at the company level because they involve a small group of peers talking “trash” about a product or situation. Because the conversations are small and often about very specialized subjects, they can easily be dismissed by the company as unimportant….a big mistake.

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The Avengers: Most Popular Superhero? (Part 2)

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It’s that time of year again! Happy Avengers Season, everyone! Exactly three years ago I wrote up an awesome analysis of Marvel’s The Avengers that you can read here. Well, I did it again. And, this time, there’s been a bit of a shake up:   Mark Ruffalo’s badass portrayal of the Hulk won him […]


Falcon Social Asks: Did Social Media Predict UK Elections?

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Lexalytics’ partner, Falcon Social, recently wrote about the surprising results of the recent election in the UK. Even more surprising? According to their data, social media predicted it.

Accio Sentiment Analysis! The Wizard is Here:

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There’s no reason sentiment analysis can’t be fun. Further, just because you don’t know what an “alpha-numeric content threshold” is doesn’t mean you can’t reap the benefits of a thorough sentiment analysis.

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Our New YouTube Series!

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Social media is a big part of our every day at Lexalytics. We spend a lot of time not only studying it but also engaging with it. Because of that, we decided it was time to have a bit more fun on YouTube.


How-Old.net and Machine Learning

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I am not 57. But I am 43. And it wouldn’t take much time for you to see that, just as it wouldn’t take me much time to see your age with just a look. But would a computer figure that out? Microsoft’s Project Oxford Face Detection team set out to create how-old.net. Their idea is to teach a computer to recognize not just one face from another, but also the nuances that make up a face.