Lexalytics now supports Dutch text and sentiment analysis

Dutch Native Language Support Available

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We’re pleased to announce the release of our latest native language pack. Interested in Dutch text and sentiment analysis? Contact us!

Big Block of Cheese Day Text Analysis

Big Block of Cheese Day: White House Connects With #AskTheWH

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The White House has introduced an online version of the West Wing’s Big Block of Cheese Day, where people can to reach out over social media and ask questions of the administration the day after the State of the Union address. Curious as to what we might find, we pulled thousands of tweets not only from this year’s Big Block of Cheese Day, but last year’s as well, and ran them through our text analysis software, so we could compare this years response with the one from last year. Here’s what we discovered:

Social media customer service text analytics

Great Things Happen When Customer Service Leverages Social Media

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Hello and welcome to 2015.  We’ve been pretty quiet here as we had a really really big finish to the quarter and then, well, it was the holidays. Now we’re all fat, we’re working on some exciting new stuff for this year, and our noses are back to the grindstone. Do people still put their […]

Intention analysis Salience 6

Newest Salience Version Offers Intention Analysis

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Introducing Salience 6  We’re excited to announce the newest version of Lexalytics’ Salience Text Analytics Engine, Salience 6!  Salience 6 is built on the Syntax Matrix, a powerful new technology that supports cool new features, like extracting intent with our uniquely potent intention analysis, as well as enhancing existing sentiment analysis.  The newest version of […]

How to Spot Consumer Feedback Online

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What do blogs, comment streams, chat sessions, and Twitter feeds have in common?  They’re all sources of text, they’re all online, and they all contain invaluable information about your consumers and their experiences. How can businesses unlock the commercial potential of this online text and social data? Lexalytics’ VP Seth Redmore has the answer: text […]

Our Customers in the News – 10/4

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Another month, another busy period for our customers and partners!   Angoss Angoss Software Corporation has released version 9.3 of their KnowledgeSEEKER and KnowledgeSTUDIO products, featuring the introduction of an automated canvas for building, displaying, refreshing, and reusing analytical workflows. The intuitive graphical interface allows for easy setup creation of a workflow in KnowledgeSEEKER and […]

Salience 5.2 Walkthrough: Summaries

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Sometimes, when faced with a large text document, you just want to get to the point. You’re a busy person, you have a hundred other documents just like this one to go through today, and you just need a concise overview of the general ideas and themes. You need a summary – and Salience provides. […]

How to cut through ‘dirty data’ for social media insight

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Social media is a difficult thing to manage for many companies. Most high-ranking business people think Twitter is a goldmine, and the best place to find information about their Next Big Thing™. They hire data collection services to provide them with thousands of tweets, hoping to see a trend that tells them what their clients […]

Salience 5.2 Walkthrough: Categorization

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Salience has three methods of categorizing text: query topics, concept topics, and document categories. I’ll be going through all three using a New York Times article called “China Says Former Security Chief Is Under Investigation”. Query Topics Query topics are standard Boolean-logic operators: Lexalytics provides AND, OR, NOT, and NEAR (qualified with a distance) operators for […]

That’s sick! Text Mining and words with multiple definitions

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When you read the title of this article, you must wonder what I’m talking about when I say, “That’s sick!” It makes sense if I just witnessed a car accident so heinous that it made me feel sick to my stomach. However, it also makes sense if I just saw Sidney Crosby score the game-winning […]